Amping up your listening experience

Pioneer delivers bigger sound and better looks with the R-Series speakers and latest range of subwoofers and amplifiers.

Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre Pte. Ltd. – 08 October 2013 – Pioneer Electronics, a leader in aftermarket car electronics, introduces its 2014 line of speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers. Boasting new looks and advancements in technology, these powerhouses continue to deliver loud, aggressive sound.

“At Pioneer, we strive to refine and perfect the listening experience in the car with products that deliver on quality, reliability and affordability. With our new line of speakers, subwoofers and amps, drivers can now enjoy maximum listening pleasure in the car, making every car ride an enjoyable and exhilarating one,” said Mr. Hiroya Oizumi, Global Speaker and Amplifier Product Planning Manager, Pioneer Corporation Japan. “Fusing high quality audio with convenience makes our range of products the ideal, value-for-money in-car entertainment package suitable for drivers who love music.”

R-Series Speakers: Big on sound, small on price
Pioneer introduces a brand new product category of speakers, the R-series, with a line-up that brings a welcome variety to the current A-series and G-series speakers. The R-series speakers sport unique cosmetic designs and improvements in sound technology, without the huge premiums on price. The series consists of four new sets of speakers:

  • TS-R6950S: 3-way, 6 x 9 inch full-range speakers
  • TSR1750S: 3-way, 17cm full-range speakers
  • TS-R1650S: 3-way, 16cm full-range speakers
  • TS-R1350S: 3-way, 13cm full-range speakers



Subwoofers & Pre-fabricated subwoofers 
Flaunting a new, more stylish design with a tasteful grille replacing the regular mesh speaker covering, the R-series speakers stand out as trendy alternatives for the young at heart. With striking red detail around the mid-range and tweeter components, Pioneer has made these speakers more affordable for the discerning yet budget-conscious music lover. Pioneer has also made improvements on the materials used, so that the speakers can produce louder, more aggressive sounds, maximizing sound performance output without compromising on sensitivity to high bass and treble tones. The speaker cones also continue to incorporate a weather-resistant Multilayer Mica Matrix to ensure lightweight rigidity, plus durability and reliability in the long run.

TS-W3003D4 284 x 179

Totally addicted to bass? Derived from Pioneer’s award-winning Sound Pressure Level (SPL) subwoofers, the new Pioneer TS-W3003D4 subwoofer promises to give users that extra dose of power in a more attractive package. With the new seamless prism pattern design on the IMPP™ Composite Cone, the speaker maintains its resistance to sound distortion and is able to withstand powerful bass tones. Pioneer’s IMPP™ cone is an extremely rigid yet lightweight cone built to prevent cone failure at high sound pressure levels. In addition, the subwoofer comes with a rubber cover for the magnet to create a more beefy look. Pioneer has also enhanced the frame to make it more stiff and stable, minimizing distortion when the volume is turned up.


Inside the subwoofer lies an intricate mix of technological improvements, all of which give it improved performance and the ability to sustain louder, more accurate high sounds. These include a dual spider that improves the linearity of sounds produced, an enhanced voice coil which consists of a thicker wire to ensure excellent durability to withstand high power output, an increased magnetic circuit to deliver higher powered sound, and an increased maximum power output to 2000 watts (nominal power 600w) to produce louder musical bass.

To make installation easier, Pioneer has also introduced two new pre-fabricated subwoofer models – the TS-WX305T (tube) and TS-WX305B (box). These speakers come with the new IMPP™ Composite Seamless Cone and the above technological improvements for louder and more accurate bass sounds. In addition, their tube and box shaped structures are designed to fit into the back side of rear seats/boot perfectly. The TS-WX305B in particular comes 23% slimmer than its predecessor – this means that it is able to fit into more car models, and allows users the convenience of more boot space. With an updated design of the speaker grille and exquisite blanket embroidery around the structures, these new pre-fabricated subwoofers are set to impress the next time any driver pops open the boot.



Amplifiers: Compact powerhouses
Drivers also get to amp up their music with Pioneer’s new GM-A series of amplifiers:

  • GM-A6604: 4 channel, 760W max. power
  • GM-A4604: 4 channel, 480W max. power
  • GM-A5602: 2 channel, 900W max. power
  • GM-A3602: 2 channel, 400W max. power


Music lovers now have a wider selection of amplifier models with variable high-pass and low-pass filters, allowing for a more flexible car installation system and removing the need for crossovers for different types of speakers in the car. These powerful new models are also up to 35% slimmer than their older counterparts, giving drivers more space, and better fuel efficiency with a lighter car load.

While packed into more compact sizes, these amplifiers still pack on features that make for maximum performance. For enhanced sound balance and precise sound control, adjustable bass boost options are available. The amplifiers are also intelligently fitted with input sensors for the RCA and speaker inputs so that they can detect signals immediately when any head unit is turned on.

Pioneer’s new speakers, subwoofer, pre-fabricated subwoofers and amplifiers will be available from October onwards at selected Pioneer authorized dealers.

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