Five reasons why you should upgrade your car entertainment systems


Are you still using the original entertainment system that came with your car? While higher-end sound systems are becoming an option for luxury sedans, chances are that your current vehicle is fitted with a basic car stereo – one which only plays CDs and radio stations. Unlike driving experience and safety, providing the latest entertainment features is just not a priority for many car manufacturers.

Many of these stock offerings not only come with unassuming looks and use low-cost materials, but most also lack modern features like smartphone connectivity. Above all, the sound they produce tends to be unimpressive, and they probably cannot support video playback.

Thankfully, the sky is the limit for aftermarket car entertainment systems. There are options for every budget – you can start with an entry-level setup or get the full package with an audio-visual powerhouse. Higher-end models also offer many distinct advantages and extras.

Advanced features to match today’s digital lifestyle


The Apple CarPlay™ user interface of the new Pioneer AVH-Z5050BT Z-series multimedia receiver, also equipped with Android Auto™ and AppRadio Mode+

Pioneer Z-series multimedia receivers support both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, giving you access to the latest mobile applications (apps) and content, by simply connecting a compatible smartphone to the car receiver.

Apple CarPlay[1] is a smarter and safer way to operate an iPhone using your car’s built-in display, letting you get directions, communicate through calls or messages, and listen to music. All these while you remain focused on the road. As of today across Southeast Asia (SEA), Apple CarPlay is available in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Android Auto[2] is designed with safety in mind, combining a simplified user interface with easy-to-use voice actions. It features apps like Google Map and Google Play Music, and can be used to make phone calls, send and receive messages without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Availability for Android Auto is limited to India for the SEA region.

Appradiomode+ logo

For even better smartphone connectivity and app support, Pioneer offers its own proprietary AppRadio Mode+, which provides support for additional apps like Waze, the world’s largest community-based real-time traffic and navigation app. Another example is AppRadio LIVE, which allows users to stream online videos and play videos stored in a smartphone.

Another highlight is Spotify, currently available in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Users can stream millions of songs conveniently by simply selecting this music-streaming app from the Pioneer Z-Series head unit’s source list, and operated directly onscreen.


Pioneer TS-WX70DA subwoofer

To achieve better sound quality, higher-end receivers (like the Pioneer Z-Series) and amplifiers have special electronic circuitry designed to minimise interference and noise, complemented by audiophile-grade components and professional tuning for optimal performance. The Pioneer Z-series supports studio-quality FLAC music files too. Premium speakers and subwoofers, on the other hand, are assembled utilising better-quality materials and come in a wide range of configurations, including component speaker packages with separate tweeters and woofers to satisfy demanding music lovers.

While some factory-fitted multimedia receivers are equipped with a screen, Pioneer’s latest Z-series offers an impressive 24-bit True Colour panel, which boasts 256 times richer hues than most standard displays. You can also expect crisper visuals when playing back videos, thanks to full-HD compatibility for popular file formats. Furthermore, an optional TV tuner module is available to add digital broadcasts as another source of content.

Truly personalised entertainment via customisation options


An adjustable GUI for the latest Pioneer Z-Series receivers

With an aftermarket entertainment system, you can create a sound profile tailored to your music preferences, simply by mixing and matching a receiver, speakers, and subwoofers. Moreover, the new Pioneer Z-series receivers make tuning easy, featuring a 13-band graphic equaliser (EQ) and 3-way network mode. The latter allows treble, midrange and bass to be reproduced by different speakers. Advanced settings, including adjustable crossover, speaker level and time alignment, are also available for tech-savvy users.

Beyond that, their graphical user interface (GUI) is highly customisable too, with a flexible layout and a selection of background themes. This is in addition to coloured-backlighting to jazz up the onboard control.

Superior build quality and material with an attractive design

Pioneer TS-A1606C component speakers

Pioneer TS-A1606C component speakers

Aftermarket car entertainment components are usually made of higher-quality materials that improve long-term durability and reliability, giving you complete peace of mind and uninterrupted entertainment. This is a factor that is often overlooked by drivers, but is absolutely crucial with the harsh operating conditions in Asia, where our hot tropical climate, higher humidity and dust could accelerate wear and cause a malfunction.

Style-conscious drivers will be happy to know that aftermarket components generally have a more sophisticated styling as well.

All-round superior entertainment and user experience

user experience

Why settle for a factory-fitted system when an aftermarket option can provide a more enjoyable drive? You can now get the best of both worlds with a superior audio-visual entertainment experience and a more polished interface for a truly stress-free user experience. These next-generation car entertainment systems are a great companion for our digital lifestyles, keeping us connected with our smart devices in the car safely, and enjoying a world of digital content.

Why compromise when you can afford to upgrade your drive?

Aftermarket car entertainment systems have come a long way since the cassette tape era. Now smarter and more connected, they offer the ultimate in audio-visual quality, features, and customisation options for a truly holistic and personalised in-car entertainment experience. Best of all, the aftermarket components are more affordable than ever with a dazzling selection to pick from. Rest assured your daily commutes will never be the same again.

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Pioneer India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
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[1] Apple CarPlay is available on Apple iPhone 5 or later with iOS 7.1 or higher, and requires Lightning to USB cable. For information about Apple CarPlay’s availability, please visit CarPlay/ To find out about supported Apple CarPlay features in each market, visit
[2] Android Auto is only available for AVH-Z7050BT and AVH-Z5050B. Android Auto is available with Android phone running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher with a data plan. Availability of Android Auto may vary depending upon the country and phone model. Please visit for more information.
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