Your ideal car entertainment partner

Pioneer is very well known for making in-car entertainment systems – but did you know that our TAD professional audio division makes hi-fi speakers too?

Not all car entertainment products are created equal

In today’s car entertainment market, there is no shortage of products, whether they are from mainstream or boutique brands. However, many of these devices offer very similar features and specifications, and it can be quite difficult to separate the good products from the great ones.

To help you differentiate and shortlist these brands, you can start by looking at:

  • Heritage – the history of the company in consumer and professional A/V, and experience in developing solutions for innovative audio technology and manufacturing of devices
  • Expertise – R&D for in-car entertainment innovation and vision for the future – Expertise – R&D for in-car entertainment innovation and vision for the future
  • Awards – recognition from both reputable media outlets and regulatory authorities
  • Established track record – as a rule of thumb, we recommend trusting well-established brands with a track record of product excellence and innovation

With that said, here are five reasons why Pioneer is your ideal car entertainment partner.

Reason 1: Over 80 years of rich history and heritage in the audio-visual space

Although Pioneer is well known as a leading comprehensive infotainment company with cutting edge technologies, its roots go all the way back to the 1930s. Since those early days, Pioneer has been continuously pushing the envelope to create new and innovative audio products. The timeline below provides a snapshot of the company’s milestones.

  • 1937: Pioneer’s founder, Nozomu Matsumoto, developed the A-8 dynamic speaker
  • 1975: Pioneer introduces the world’s first component car stereo
  • 1984: Pioneer introduces the world’s first car CD player
  • 1997: Pioneer introduces the world’s first DVD car navigation system
  • 1998: Pioneer Introduces the world’s first DVD-based GPS car navigation system featuring 8.5GB dual-layered DVD disc
  • 2001: Introduces HDD-based GPS car navigation system
  • 2011: New Cyber-Navi with augmented reality (AR) scouter mode is introduced, which displays an actual image overlays the route guidance, as well as other information obtained by proprietary image analysis technology
  • 2012: Pioneer introduces the world’s first car navigation system in Japan (Carrozzeria “Cyber-Navi”) with the Head-Up Display to project augmented reality information in front of the windscreen
  • 2013: Pioneer and NTT docomo jointly develop “Docomo Drive Net Info” App to provide new car telematics and infotainment services. (Provided as the service of NTT docomo)
  • 2014: Pioneer forms business alliance with Treasure Data to develop big data‐driven services for the automotive industry
  • 2015: Pioneer launches Vehicle Assist, a telematics service for fleet vehicles
  • 2016: Pioneer develops a drowsiness detection unit capable of detecting sleepiness of a driver
  • 2016: Pioneer and HERE agrees to perform proof experiment utilizing Pioneer’s 3D-LiDAR towards building a “Data Ecosystem”
  • 2018: Pioneer celebrates 80 strong years of innovation, passion and success

As every decade passes, Pioneer’s technical know-how is passed through generations of skilled engineers and innovators.

Reason 2: Constant innovation to develop better products

Although Pioneer has always been the historic leader in its field, the company never stops innovating to find better ways to produce industry-leading audio products through specialised tools and facilities. Our engineers work in extremely advanced facilities and employ cutting edge research techniques, such as acoustics research and performance analysis using an anechoic chamber, as well as reliability and material testing, from heat to vibration, in dedicated labs.

Pioneer continuously invests in human resources, equipment, and facilities to maintain its tradition of innovation. Every year, we reimagine the way we develop car entertainment products as the car environment changes over time, which requires us to regularly review our manufacturing processes and the materials and components used.

The Pioneer TS-WH500A – a prime example of Pioneer’s ever-innovative technologies

A great example is our proprietary Horizontal Vertical Transforming (HVT) technology, which transforms horizontal movement into vertical movement of a woofer diaphragm to produce true, powerful and wide-range bass – a ground-breaking approach in loudspeaker design that can be seen in products such as the TS-WH500A. Such an innovation allows us to offer an ultra-slim subwoofer that will easily fit in a wide range of vehicles – from compact and sub compact cars to hybrid vehicles and SUVs – with superior bass reproduction, natural sound quality and less noise.

Reason 3: Trusted by both home and pro audio users

Pioneer car entertainment products are refined with technology and expertise trickled down from its home audio and pro audio business. The company has extensive experience developing a wide range of home A/V products, such as headphones, hi-fi systems, and home theatres.

On the audio front, Pioneer leads the way with its Technical Audio Devices Laboratories (TAD), the company’s professional audio business unit specialising in studio gears and audiophile-grade components like the TAD ME-1 speakers, which sell for nearly US$13,000 per pair in the US. On the display front, Pioneer’s legendary Kuro plasma TVs were renowned for their amazingly deep blacks.

Reason 4: Recognised and highly regarded across the industry

Pioneer’s products have received numerous accolades from independent organisations. For example, the TS-WX70DA subwoofer was awarded the Best In-Car Active Subwoofer 2017-2018 by EISA. Our TS-A6996R speakers received the TopTenReviews Best Overall Car Speakers of 2018 and 2016 Gold Awards, while the TS-D1730C and TS-D6902R speakers won the Twice VIP Awards 2015 and TopTenReviews 2016 Bronze Award respectively.

Reason 5: Enjoy complete peace of mind

Pioneer has an extensive network of authorised dealers who offer:

  • Authentic Pioneer products – brand new and factory tested with local warranty
  • Professional service – receive support from technicians with the relevant expertise backed by Pioneer’s in-house specialists, engineers, and approved external agencies
  • Full transparency in servicing costs – consistent pricing for spare parts and servicing charges

To identify one, visit your country’s respective Pioneer website to find an authorised dealer near you:








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