New Pioneer G-series speakers combines clearer sound and superb power with affordability


Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre Pte Ltd. – 7 October 2014 – Pioneer Electronics, the leader in automotive speaker technology, today releases its G-Series line of entertainment speakers which aim to bring listening pleasure to drivers and passengers at a reasonable cost. The new affordable range consists of seven high-performance speakers that come with an Injection Molded Polypropylene (IMPP) Cone with mica for more vivid sounds and impactful bass as well as enhancements like better power handling, improved installation coverage and new cosmetic design.

“These speakers display the meticulous attention to detail that Pioneer is known for, using materials that deliver nothing but superior sonic excellence,” said Mr. Daisuke Takekawa, Senior General Manager of Sales & Marketing Group, Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre. “Car owners are always on the search for the right accessories to make their journey the ultimate driving and entertainment experience. The new G-Series leverages the latest technology to recreate musical performances in great detail—from classical music to pop ballads within an affordable price range. Drivers and passengers can be assured they are experiencing audio hem the way that they are meant to be – with utmost clarity and definition.”

The new G-Series speakers feature:

  • Injection Molded Polypropylene (IMPP) cone with mica – The mica is infused into the cone material in precise proportions to optimize cone rigidity, which results in a more impactful solid bass.


  • High Sensitivity Speakers – Designed by Pioneer to have higher sensitivity than other brands available in the market, the new G-Series offer superior sound clarity even at low volume. Sensitivity is important when choosing a speaker—when speakers aren’t sensitive enough, listeners tend to turn up the volume, which can result in sound distortion and spoil the sound quality.


  • Increased Power Handling – The new speaker line handles up to 15 percent more power than its TS-G predecessors, handling the higher power produced by many aftermarket car head units.


  • Improved Installation Coverage – The new series was designed to make installation easier—its shallower mounting depth, additional pitch holes, and adjusted diameter makes it easier to attach to most cars from various brands.


  • New Cosmetic Design – The new speakers feature a newly designed grill and flange, bringing a classier appearance that suits all car models.


Available in popular sizes including 10 cm, 13 cm and 16 cm, plus a new component set to meet the increasing market demand for pairs:

  • 10 cm: TS-G1045R (210 W Max), TS- G1015R (190 W Max)
  • 13 cm: TS-G1345R (250 W Max), TS-G1315R (230 W Max)
  • 16 cm: TS-G1645R (250 W Max), TS-G1615R (230 W Max),
  • Component set: TS-G1605C (280 W Max)

Pioneer G-Series Speakers will be available at Pioneer authorised dealers from November 2014.

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