No-compromise music fidelity for audiophiles

Why settle for anything less when you can achieve perfection with a set of component speakers?

In-car entertainment or ICE has come a long way since the bygone era of cassette tapes. Today, new digital content is constantly pushing the envelope of music fidelity. Just take lossless FLAC and ALAC files for instance. Both offer better than CD-quality sound with higher resolution and dynamic range, making these Hi-Res formats the next best thing to actual studio recordings.

But having the right content is just one part of the equation. To truly enjoy Hi-Res audio, you’ll need matching high-performance speakers. That’s usually where the gap exists, as most cars are typically fitted with regular one-way speakers to save manufacturing cost. With only a full-range driver to reproduce the entire sound spectrum, these speakers aren’t strong performers and naturally can sound rather mediocre.

The secret sauce for sonic perfection

Component speakers, in contrast, take a purist approach to sound reproduction. Extremely popular among audiophiles and enthusiasts, they come with three major components: a woofer engineered specifically to output vocal and bass; an additional tweeter for tackling treble or high-frequency notes; and a matching crossover network that splits the bass, vocal and treble parts of the audio signal to the woofer and tweeter.

Just like an elite orchestra of musicians, these three components should work in unison to deliver a no-compromise music fidelity. Get ready to be wowed by deeper yet defined bass coupled with expressive and silky vocals, as well as crystal-clear and extended trebles. Regardless of the music genre, listening to your favourite tunes will be a truly unforgettable experience. Another major advantage is placement flexibility, as you can mount the tweeters near ear level for optimal performance.

Pioneer TS-Z65CH

Unlike regular component speakers with a treble range of around 20kHz, the latest Pioneer D-Series TS-D65F and TS-D65C can reach up to 49kHz. For drivers demanding the best, Pioneer has gone one step further by launching the Z-Series, its flagship Hi-Res speakers. The TS-Z65CH and TS-Z65C feature a Twaron Aramid Fiber woofer and aluminum dome tweeter, resulting in a wider dynamic range and an amazing 96kHz treble extension. All models also come with a tweeter that can be swivelled to dial in the sound imaging.

Additional expert tips and tricks

To take your entertainment experience to the next level, you can pair the speakers with a matching subwoofer (subs) to achieve thunderous subsonic bass. Look no further than the Pioneer TS-Z10LS2 and TS-Z10LS4 from the Z-Series. There is also the D-Series TS-D12D2, TS-D12D4, TS-D10D2, and TS-D10D4. These subs can pump out unmistakable sub-30Hz bass notes that can be felt, rather than just heard.

Pioneer GM-D9604

Another highly effective upgrade is a power amplifier (amp) like the Pioneer GM-D9604 and GM-D8604. The additional buffer in power delivery will allow you to attain a much higher volume with minimal audible distortion. Lastly, soundproofing your car will have a significant impact in dampening wind, traffic and engine noise so that you can enjoy music in a quieter environment.

Hearing is believing in the world of ICE!

Transform your ride into a no-holds-barred mobile entertainment system today. Make our premium component speakers, subs and amp the heart of your new ICE setup. Why settle for anything less when you can now enjoy sonic perfection without a hefty price tag?