Pioneer takes Car Sound to a new level with its Feel the Details campaign launch and new microsite

Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre Pte. Ltd. – 5 October, 2016 – Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre, a leader in in-car infotainment, announces its new Pioneer Car Sound microsite. The microsite celebrates some of Pioneers latest awards, as well as features a wide range of speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers offering users a simple way to view, compare and select an ideal speaker to fit their needs.   For the Car Sound novice, the site is also equipped with an interactive Speaker Finder.  The Speaker Finder page offers drivers an automated tool which helps to easily identify the right speaker based on your favourite music genre and estimated price point.

The Pioneer Car Sound microsite will be officially launched on 5 October, in conjunction with the company’s “Feel the Details” campaign, to reinforce its position as the premium in-car edutainment brand among the millennials, tech-savvy car owners, and general drivers. “Feel the Details” campaign conceived, developed and produced by Ugly Duckling Projects Singapore, aims to take users on an emotional journey that draws a parallel between life’s beautiful details and Pioneer’s big and beautifully intricate sound – with accolades from car speakers experts like Top Ten Reviews and CarAudioNow, who couldn’t agree more.



  • Superb Interactivity – Get  product recommendations based on popular music genres and price bracket through the Speaker Finder function.
  • Responsive design  – The site is optimised for desktop computers, plus Android and iOS mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, allowing visitors to access the content regardless of their device or screen size.
  • Stay informed – A one-stop information hub to conveniently access all the latest product news, exciting videos like “Feel the Details”, and contact information for Pioneer offices in Asia and Israel.


Pioneer’s goal is to educate drivers about the benefits of aftermarket car audio products. The Pioneer Car Sound microsite with its Speaker finder serves as an essential guide for both our current and future customers, enhancing their drive to a more satisfying and entertaining experience.

According to the ASEAN automotive federation, some parts of the region including Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines are experiencing strong vehicle sales, leading to a greater number of new car owners. But despite the boom, many drivers are still using their basic factory-fitted in-car sound systems.

On the other end of the spectrum, older cars may not even come with stereo speakers. The cost of the upgrading these stock and antiquated sound systems are actually not as high as one may think, thanks to the advancement in car and mobile technologies too.


“At Pioneer, we understand that for many, upgrading your in-car stereo can be a daunting task. Our highly advanced speaker designs come from a rich business heritage, which dates back to 1937. Pioneer has been investing heavily over many years in R&D to deliver greater sound quality and in-car experiences.  We are constantly innovating through endeavours like our TAD professional audio business and continue to set new technical and award benchmarks. All these ensure Pioneer is well positioned to educate the public, with our new Pioneer Car Sound microsite and “Feel the Details” campaign,” said Mr. Takao Chiba, Deputy General Manager of Business Planning and Marketing Division, Sales & Marketing Group, Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre.


  • Superior Musicality – Enjoy audible improvement, from enhanced clarity to more dynamic and powerful sound. Best of all, even a non-audiophile can feel the details and hear the difference!
  • Customisable Sound – More options to further fine-tune sound to user’s exact preferences by mixing-and-matching speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers.
  • Enhanced Durability – Leveraging higher-quality materials and components to ensure a complete peace of mind.

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