The Pioneer Reference Series of speakers will revolutionise the car audio experience

Crafted for musical excellence, these speakers are designed to impress with unparalleled sound quality

Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre Pte. Ltd. – 14 October 2010 – Pioneer Electronics today introduced to the market a range of high-end audio speakers that will set a new benchmark for sound acoustics within cars. Under the hospice of the Pioneer Reference Series (PRS), the Pioneer TS-C172PRS, Pioneer TS-W252PRS and Pioneer TS-S062PRS will work best with DEX-P99RS and PRS-A900 to complete the PRS range and fashion an unmatchable musical experience.

Each set of speakers is designed and engineered to recreate a dynamic musical performance within the confines of a car by picking up the most acute digital signals with superior precision, accuracy and tonality, without distortion. The attention to detail in the manufacturing ensures that even the most subtle nuances are replicated correctly and that the clarity is uncontested.

While each component can be bought individually, Pioneer prides itself on creating an experience that is best achieved with the whole set.

“Pioneer intends to raise the bar when it comes to listening to music in your car. We have taken a ‘no-compromises’ approach to these range of speakers, providing the best craftsmanship and audio engineering,” said Mr. Masayoshi Ishikubo, Senior General Manager of Sales & Marketing Group, Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre. “We have catered for consumers who are looking for sheer excellence in sound quality, focusing on clarity, design and sensitivity, and are confident that consumers will recognise the differences.”

Open and Smooth
As part of Pioneer’s new Sound Concept, the PRS Series of speakers deliver sonic excellence and performance. The open-staging and smooth transition of driver response immerses the driver in the ultimate in-car sound experience. ‘Open’ represents open staging and sound characteristics, which enhance the effect of the space between speakers, while ‘Smooth’ represents the smooth transitions between mid-base and tweeter. 

Maximum Musical Response
The high-density micro fibre material surrounding the woofer is very light and has low internal loss. These characteristics allow for faster response to music and more accurate base reproduction that allows the music to create a powerful impact on the listener.

Sound Quality and Reliability
The Progressive Flex Suspension System, present in both the woofer and subwoofer, adapts to your music dynamically. When listening to soft music it delivers the detail and fast response required, and with loud music it provides precise control and the long excursion required for amazing sound quality. This ensures that the listener is always promised the best audio experience.

 Low Distortion
The PRS Speakers have special features to ensure that distortion is minimised if not removed. In the tweeter, there is a cancelling magnet and a voice coil wire, the latter which produces superior conductivity, lower electrical resistance and reduced skin effect. Similarly, the voice coil in the subwoofer reduces harmonic distortion to enhance listening pleasure.



14 Oct 2010 - PR Table


The Pioneer TS-C172PRS, Pioneer TS-W252PRS and Pioneer TS-S062PRS will be available at selected authorised dealers from today.*Tweeter specifications, ** with back chamber



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